LibraryThing and the Collective Unconsious

The internet is a bit like the Collective Unconscious. What if it came to life as some kind of intelligent being? Perhaps Google is working on it; I wouldn't be surprise.

The Web certainly helps link us to one another, a more conscious collective unconscious.

An interesting site for folks interested in Jungian books is There are about 500,000 people in the community who list their books, provide reviews, make recommends.
When you put it all together you get some interesting statistics:

This is a list of the most listed books

1984 (22,732),
The Great Gatsby (18,535),
The Kite Runner (17,280),
Jane Eyre (16,620),
Animal Farm (15,179),
Angels & Demons (15,108),
Life of Pi (14,996), Brave New World (14,808),

Do you think Harry Potter is influencing the collective?

One can also get an idea of the most popular books of Carl Jung:

Man and His Symbols 1425 copies, 4 reviews
Memories, Dreams, Reflections 934 copies, 7 reviews
The Portable Jung 488 copies, 1 review
The Undiscovered Self 370 copies, 2 reviews
Modern Man in Search of a Soul

or Marie Louise Von Franz:

On LibraryThing, you can find other Jungians by seeing who lists Jungian books, or add Jungiana to the weight of the LibraryThing collective unconscious.