Obama, Pain, and Consciousness.

Time, slightly altered, October 13, 2006

There is no consciousness without pain.

Carl Jung

This country as been in chronic pain for many years, in a state of racial tension since its founding; out this has arisen a transformative, conscious figure.

The pain in Barack’s life (the absence of his father, being part of a racial minority) led to him to reflect deeply on his place in the world. Because of his struggles and his strong intellect, I think Barack will be the most conscious president we have yet had. The is the real beginning of the new millennium.

In the 1950, Pope Pius XXII Xiii declared the dogma of the assumption of the Virgin Mary; that Mary would essentially be part of the godhead. Jung got very excited about this, believing that it was a transitional moment in human consciousness – three had become four, the feminine was now being accepted into consciousness.
Obama’s election is similarly a pivotal moment; he is both Black and White, the union of opposites, a transformative moment.

His election is a testament to hope and healing. The old order has given way to a youthful, but at the same time, more mature consciousness.

Dogma of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary